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Final Boss #1 & #2 Connecting John Giang Exclusive Set


Amazing Con Las Vegas Exclusive 2023


When video games and comic books collide, you get FINAL BOSS, the ultimate fighting game graphic novel experience.
FINAL BOSS a 90’s action movie and video game-inspired nod to classic over the top adventure stories with dynamic characters. Woven around a core story of a family history layered in secrets leading back to World War II and the discovery of an ancient temple in the South Pacific.
Disgraced former Special Forces Operative Tommy Brazen, discovers while fighting in an underground Masked Fighting League, that he has inherited supernatural powers that run in his family. Based on stories his grandfather told him about how his family came to acquire these gifts, Tommy sets out to learn the truth about his powers and his heritage. Along the way, Tommy travels to a mystical island where competitors fight gladiator style bouts in order to inherit the powers of an ancient god of war. Crime lords, vigilantes, and more are vying for control of these powers in an escalating struggle and ultimately to become THE FINAL BOSS!

Final Boss #1 & #2 Connecting John Giang Foil Exclusive Set

$69.99 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price
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