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C2E2 Foil Virgin Exclusive - Limited to 800 Copies

Cover Art By Mr. Garcin



(W) Sophie Campbell (A) Vincenzo Federici, Fero Pe (CA) Mr. Garcin


Everything has been building to this double-size celebration! And here at the end, we'll return to the start... Donatello has been searching for his future self to understand how he can fight Armaggon. Now, knowing where he is (or should we say "when he is"?) Donatello is racing to his past to convene with his future. Can he get there and learn what he needs to before Armaggon eats the TMNT out of the timeline?

This epic finale from writer Sophie Campbell and a roster of all-star artists pays off on years of IDW storytelling, reckoning with the history of the Turtles while also setting the stage for the next mutation of must-read TMNT comics!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #150 Mr. Garcin Foil Virgin C2E2 Exclusive

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